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Disney emojis are now available to download for free on iOS and Android. Feature all your favorite Disney characters: Mickey Mouse, Donald, Nemo, Dory...
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Varies with device
Dec 4, 2020
Varies with device
Varies with device

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Things you should know about the new Disney Emoji Keyboard. With all these games and their themes coming up it is essential to note that Disney is no more left behind. They have also come up with something that will make you nostalgic and relive your childhood again.

You can download the keyboard and while you text, you can easily play with the Disney emoji app. There have been many developments where the keyboards for Peter Pan emoji or Tarzan emoji or even Donald Duck emoji was introduced, so now Disney is here with the other characters that have filled our childhood with utter joy and fun!

This keyboard comes with almost 400 different Disney emoticons that will make your texting experience way more fun than it can ever be.

The keyboard is available for both the iOS and Android platforms so it is great news for both the users. Now, you will also earn several different Disney.

Mickey Mouse Emoji

Mickey Mouse is a mouse known for his great charisma. He is very mischievous, on your face-rebel kind of a character who is curious about certain things most of his life. Despite everything he faces, he is an optimist by heart but calls trouble for himself all the time because of the “i know it all” behaviour.

He is selfish and with the ego, he might seem to be a bad character but he is selfless towards his friends and would devote himself to them at times of problems. He is in a very long-term relationship with Minnie Mouse and shows his love and affection for her without any limits. If something is wrong with Minnie, he would be the first one to jump at the situation to save her from the threats without even thinking about the danger that comes.

He is very good friends with Donald Duck and Goofy who are both of very different characters. Three of together are the best trio you can ever ask for since they all complement each other in moving forward. If someone is in need of something, Mickey will gladly step forward to help them in achieving that. He has left lots of chances for saving his friends from danger in place of his own life. He is a genuine character and had proved himself over the course for more than one time.

Minnie Mouse Emoji

Minnie mouse is the daughter of Marcus mouse and her mother, who wasn’t named. Minnie’s portrayal is mainly as the girlfriend of Mickey Mouse and a friend of Daisy Duck. Minnie is designed very beautifully with a flapper outlook, which a dress that often was paired with stockings for a better fashion statement.

She wears oversized pumps that are huge in comparison to her feet size. She even lost her shoe once while dancing and they were heard clacking a different rhythm itself while she danced.  Later, she started wearing a bow instead of her hat and her shoes were designed properly to fit her. Minnie generally wore pink or red, but there were some situations when she was seen wearing green, blue or even black. She is very playful and has a highly flirtatious character that dances and sings when Mickey is angry or away.

Minnie fell into traps and many problems where Mickey has to be the saviour. Minnie is forced to kiss Mickey on a flight but she plans on flying out of t with a parachute since she is forced. In this situation, she tried to get loose from Mickey, her boyfriend and the love she always desired. She was also employed under a bar and a restaurant for some time before and during she met Mickey. There she performs, Tango in order to impress Mickey. Because of her performance, she also attracts some bad presence but is saved by Mickey.

Aladdin Emoji

Aladdin is an 18-year-old boy who didn’t get any formal education during his childhood but learned everything while living on the streets of Agrabah. He had to steal a lot in order to survive each and every day of his life, which makes him a Robin Hood kind of Thief. His father’s name was Cassim, who left him and his mother at a very young age in order to find a better life for them.

Aladdin was only two-year-old when his mother was taken away by bandits and them she was presumed dead when not found. Before anything, they were poor enough to provide Aladdin with any kind of clothing. Aladdin encountered Razoul, the captain of Sultan’s guard when he was seven years old from whom he stole an apple too.

He was captured inside the palace dungeon because of the mischievous activities which he escaped after some time. When he was 12, he stole some clothes and then at the age of 16, he met a circus group and a monkey named Abu. He grew up to be a very clever yet good-hearted human being and very brave for most of the situations. All the stealing and lying that he did, was for his survival which cannot be listed as a bad intention.

Lion King Emoji

Simba is the son of Mufasa, the lion king who is killed by his brother Scar before Simba could succeed Mufasa. Simba is convinced in believing it has something on his part and goes away to exile but comes back with experience and challenges Scar. With Mufasa’s teaching about how the life cycle works and how everyone is connected to each other, Simba is energised for getting back what he lost.

He gets past the hyenas and then goes to fight Scar, who taunts him about his father’s death, but with rage and anger boiling, Scar reveals he was the one to kill Mufasa. When Scar is attacked by Simba, he blames the hyenas but then Simba tells him to leave the pride as a part of forgiveness.

Being the evil creature, Scar tries to attack Simba but falls of the rock edge. He doesn’t die from the falling but is slated by the hyenas who heard him talking against them. After all this is over, Simba acquires the position of the king, things fall into place along with proper rain and thus the life comes back to the pride lands leaving the drought away.

Nemo Emoji

Nemo is the son of two clown fishes Marlin and Coral but lost his mother during an attack from barracuda. He was the only egg that survived, so his father Marlin names him, Nemo, in the memory of his mother. His egg was damaged during the attack and thus his right fin has a problem limiting his ability to swim.

Marlin is a very worried father, Nemo being his only kid; he doesn’t want him to go on a school trip. Nemo sneaks out of Marlin’s eyes and moves towards a ship in the ocean and is captured by the boat. During, the start of the boat, a diving mask slips off the boat and is found by Nemo’s father when he went after the boat. Marlin sets out in search of Nemo and meets Dory on his way.

Marlin finds his way from the address written on the mask and dory despite having a short term memory loss problem, remembers the address on the mask. They also meet a turtle on their way that helps them swim their way ahead. In between all this Nemo is in a tank where he befriends some other fishes and plans on getting out of it. After failing the first attempt, Nemo tries again and wins but is stopped by the doctor. Many hurdles come before Nemo is reunited with his father and Dory.

Dory Emoji

Dory is a blue tang who was separated from her parents when she was a young child. She has a disability of short term memory losses and hence eventually forgets how to find her parents. She meets Marlin, a clownfish, during his mission on finding his son, Nemo.

They both join hands and find Nemo, after many hurdles, but now, the three of them live together at the reef. After days, she gets flashbacks of having lost her parents and sets out to look for them. Even with the memory loss problems, she remembers where they lived i.e. Morro Bay. The three of them along with a friend, Crush, a turtle they ride towards California.

Because of certain problems during their journey, marlin and dory have issues and are separated. Dory is trapped in quarantine, while she went searching for help and is tagged to be sent to Cleveland. With subsequent help from an octopus, Hank she is getting her memory back after meeting other friends from her childhood.

On the other hand, even marlin and Nemo are searching for Dory too, but get lost in the tank in the middle. Dory, when left in the ocean, finds a trail of shells and recalls something from her childhood, leading towards the shells, she finds her parents Jenny and Charlie. Dory is reunited with Marlin and Nemo when she saves them from the trunk.

Toy Story Emoji

Buzz Lightyear is a ranger hero from space who is friends with Woody.  He is very brave and is known for the courageous character he is. Buzz is a very good leader but at times his behaviour is rather confusing, erratic and unemotional which is a very big backdrop of his character. Buzz believes in following the rules of society and he thinks people should live that way.

This Disney emoji will provide you with the characteristics of a skilled warrior in martial arts. He has two best friends i.e. Woody and Jessie, with whom he also has a growing romantic relationship. Buzz is an expert when you need cheesy or catchy taglines. Because of his suit, he can speak in any language, and it will be translated. Buzz is always wearing a spacesuit since he returned to earth from space.

The suit has a control panel in the chest area, where a red button on the left functions for the activation of the suit and the right buttons have different functions. The suit is coloured green and purple along with white at areas. The left hand of the suit has a panel which provides you with the history of missions for Buzz whereas the right hand provides you with the information about the system of weapons that buzz is equipped with.

How to get Disney Emoji Android & iOS

  1. Press the “Get it now” button above and it will take you through the installation process.
  2. Verify your device compatibility by installing a free application on your phone. You will have to run it for about 30 seconds. This is just a simple compatibility process to make sure us to offer you a compatible version.
  3. Install the keyboard’s version fitting with your phone.
  4. Go to Settings on your and find the setting where you can select your keyboard type and select ‘Disney Emoji Keyboard
  5. There you have it! Enjoy your new cool Disney emojis!

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We can understand how nostalgic you are to be already, but think about when you actually start using the keyboard. You will be filled with joy to express your emotions through the various Disney emoticons you have in your keyboard.

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