Soon “Despicable Me 3” will be in all the cinemas and to be prepared for it’s premiere today we bring the Minions emoji. Minions are amazing, wonderful, awesome, cute and funny creatures.

emoji minions despicable me 3 free

With the Minion Emoji Keyboard you will be able to share hundreds of cute emojis with all your friends and contacts. This app is compatible with both iOS or Android and it’s totally free.

Also, you can use the Minion Emoji Keyboard in any chat app such as WhatsApp, Kik, Skype, or Telegram and any Social Media such us Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram among many others.

Emoji app has an intuitive and very simple interface that organizes all the available emoticons into different categories. When you browse through this application, you can find all the characters from the movie: Gru¸Vector Perkins, Margo, Dr. Nephario, Edith, Agnes, Mr. Perkins, Miss Hattie, Marlena, Tim, Bob, Mark, Phil, Stuart, Dave, and Jerry, among many others.

Surprise your friends with this huge and fun collection of blockbuster characters. With these cool emoticons, you can wish a happy birthday using a cute minion with balloons and cakes, or celebrate a win by your team with a funny jumping minion emoticon.

What are you waiting for? Download it now and make your friends and family laugh.

How To Get Minion Emoji on Android & iOS

  1. Press the “Get it now” button above and it will take you through the installation process.
  2. Verify your device compatibility by installing an application. You will have to run it for about 30 seconds. This is just a simple compatibility process to make sure us to offer you a compatible version.
  3. Install the keyboard version compatible with your device.
  4. Find the setting where you can choose your keyboard type and select ‘Minion Emoji Keyboard’.
  5. Use your awesome new emoticons! Do the minions speak a real language?
    download despicable me 3 emoji minion free

Keyboard Customer Ratings

I love the app and wish everyone would love them like I do. My wife and me love sending them back and forth when we are down it really helps to see one laughing back at you ☺
 I think that they are so cute me and my daughter both love MINIONS! So thank you for making such a cute minion emojis 💕  

Application Analisis Android & iOS

Despicable Me KeyboardCompatible with Android 4.4+Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimised for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus.Entertainment

This is an application that “Despicable Me” fans will undoubtedly love.

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Minions Emoji Keyboard
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