Thousands of people over the world use their phones creatively for sexual communication, most known as sexting. But you will not have to use the eggplant icon like a penis again because there comes a new pack of adult emojis that will make us laugh and in turn raise the tone of the conversations.

sex emoji app ios android

This funny and provocative emoticons are perfect for the ‘sexting‘. They have a broad range of characters and are divided into two categories: dirty and porn emojis.

Dirty emojis contains spicy elements from various kinds but no explicit content at all while porn emojis have sexual content like penis or vaginas. These icons can even damage sensibilities, so watch out, to see who you send them to.

In order to use them, you have to download the “Sex Emoji App”. This application is totally free and works with any chat app like WhatsApp, Skype or Kik and in any Social Media like Facebook, Tinder, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter. This application is compatible with iOS and Android.

Do you dare to download them?

Dirty emojis

The dirty emojis makes sexting so much easier. This category includes over 50 different emoticons featuring boobs, asses, wives, flirty icons, romantic emoticons, and the gay flag, among many other. This naughty emojis help you to express the sexiest situations in a fun way.

Booty emoji

It could mean pirate’s treasure, but it is usually used for a bitch with a nice ass. A booty is what almost every guy wants! Use these naughty emoticons to tell her that you love her ass.

Boob emoji

The most irresistible part of woman’s body. Makes men horny. Things to look at when you are talking to a girl. Tits are wonderful!

boos emojis for all the boobs lovers

Porn emojis

If you can’t express your feelings in a text message, or you want to raise the tone of the conversation. These porn emoticons will do that for you. This category includes dicks, vaginas, naked girls and a great variety of sex positions, among many other emoticons.

Penis emoji

Penis emojis come in all shapes, sizes and colours. From a veiny black member with curly pubes to a rather alarming purple penis. The birth of the dick emoji is the death of the eggplant icon.

dick penis emoji

Vagina emoji

The vagina is the best friend a penis will ever have. These emoticons reflect the vaginas in a hyper-realistic way. It’s a go-to choice when you want to tell your partner you can’t wait to see what’s under their pants.

vagina emoji sex

Blowjob emoji

One of the best parts of sex ever. This act should always be reciprocated by going down on the giver of the initial blowjob.

Fuck emoji

Sometimes being straight-up is the only way to go. That’s where the fuck emoji comes in. It’s a little forward, sure, but we’re sure your partner will appreciate your confidence.

How to get Sex Emoji Android & iOS

  1. Press the “Get it now” button above and it will take you through the installation process.
  2. Verify your device compatibility by installing a free app on your phone. You will have to run it for about 30 seconds. This is just a simple compatibility process to make sure us to offer you a compatible version.
  3. Install the keyboard’s version fitting with your phone.
  4. Find the setting where you can select your keyboard type and select ‘Sex Emoji Keyboard
  5. You can now add your new emoticons to your text messages. Have a better sext!

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Keyboard customer ratings

I’m gonna need all of these to harass my husband this week 😀 
This app is amazing! Good for sexting, foreplay or just for random fun! ”

Application analisis Android & iOS

FlirtmojiCompatible with Android 4.1+Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimised for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus.Adult

Just make sure the person you’re sexting has a sense of humour!


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